Glucides are very important for the central nervous system. Glucose is the main predecessor of glycogen (body’s main glucidic supply). Glycogen is stored in the liver and muscles. It plays an important role in regulating the sugar level in blood.

Amydon is the main source of glucides in alimentation. It is found in cereals, potatoes, etc.

Cellulose and hemicelluloses, also called fibers, are not digested by the organism, due to their fibrous consistency. They stimulate intestinal peristaltism, favors excrements evacuation, favors cholesterol elimination thru intestine, favors the elimination of toxic substances and other metabolism products, normalizes intestinal flora, etc.

Pectin can be found in fruits and vegetables. It helps in the treatment of digestive illnesses, contributes to the normalization of metabolism, cholesterol, intestinal flora, intestinal peristaltism; it is also used to treat and prevent mineral salts intoxication.

Glucides deficit can cause metabolic disorders with numerous negative effects for overall health.

Glucides excess can also have negative effects like: obesity, liver lipidic infiltration. Consummation of foods rich in amydon, of fruits and vegetables rich in glucides have good benefits for your health and it helps reducing the desires for foods rich in sugar, that are bad for health.

Glucides daily ratio should be 300-400 grams for adults, including 50-100 grams of easy assimilable sugars. Glucides will represent 50-65% of the needed daily energetic value. People that are very active need increased quantities of glucides so, they should consume up to 600-700 grams of glucides on a daily basis.

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